About Us

Company Profile

Synergy provides insurance professionals with a gateway to markets and carriers outside their typical customers' broad categories and general needs. A professional liability boutique with a nationwide reputation for finding markets and equipping customers with competitive insurance options, our people are fast, knowledgeable, and, most importantly, flexible. 

Incorporated in 2006 with a heritage dating back to 1991, Synergy Professional Associates, Inc. was founded to address the specialized requirements of retailers and wholesalers grappling with challenging professional liability risks surpassing conventional markets' scope.  

With extensive expertise, we have a proven track record in creating tailored programs for unique books of business, catering to diverse professions from Actuaries to Zoologists. Whether you're focused on a particular class of professional business or aiming to offer an exclusive product for a competitive edge, we leverage our insurer relationships to construct programs that enhance your market position. 
The Synergy model flows the best with a tight-knit but mighty team. Our experience in these niche industries for over two decades makes us highly effective in providing informative solutions to your professional liability risk problems. We are committed to providing excellent service, making your brokerage more effective, and helping you to increase sales. 

The results – more deals done.