Welcome to your hub of all things Casualty Lines insurance, which targets insurance coverages for the various liabilities associated with business operations. Accidents can and will happen when dealing with projects of high scale and high risk. From heavy construction projects to real estate development or even life science company protection, we have crafted innovative coverage plans at Synergy that shield your business against the inherent risks of large-scale projects.

At Synergy, we work better together. Our goal is to be your one-stop shop when discovering liability insurance programs that are right for your company. Ensuring your business is safe and prepared for when something does not go according to plan is not only responsible but necessary.  


  • Heavy Construction
  • General/Trade Contractors
  • Product Manufacturing/Distributors
  • Life Science Companies
  • Real Estate
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare

More Information about Each Class and Our Goals as Your Broker

  • Heavy Construction: Wholesale casualty insurance is critical to all heavy construction companies because it covers and addresses the varied risks associated with large-scale construction projects. As everyone knows, construction can be a dangerous industry. That is why this coverage is essential in protecting your company from accidents, damages to equipment, and potential delays or disruptions caused by unforeseen events.
  • General/Trade Contractors: For general and trade contractors, wholesale casualty insurance provides coverage for certain liabilities that can affect a construction project. This can include accidents on the job site, damages that ensue in a dangerous construction project, and legal liabilities from contractual obligations.
  • Product Manufacturing/Distributors: In product manufacturing and distribution, Wholesale Casualty insurance is essential when protecting your company against claims related to product defects, supply chain disruptions, workplace accidents, and other operational hazards.
  • Life Science Companies: For life science companies, wholesale casualty insurance is tailored to address the unique risks in the biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical device sectors. This coverage covers clinical trial liabilities, product liability, and risks associated with research and development activities.
  • Real Estate: In real estate, wholesale casualty insurance covers liabilities related to property management, tenant interactions, and real estate development activities. This insurance protects against claims arising from property damages, accidents on premises, and other real estate-related liabilities.
  • Hospitality: For the hospitality industry, this insurance covers liabilities arising from guest interactions, food and beverage services, and general operations of hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues. It is essential for managing risks related to customer safety, property damages, and service delivery.
  • Healthcare: In the healthcare sector, wholesale casualty insurance covers a wide range of liabilities, from medical malpractice to patient safety issues. This insurance is vital for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers, offering protection against claims arising from medical services and operations.
  • Carrier Access: At Synergy, we have formed a strategic alliance with forward-thinking insurance carriers that possess a profound knowledge of our industry. Together, we comb policy and product lines, searching for the best value and an easy integration of insurance packages tailored to your company's needs.

The available resources offered by our carrier partners will empower you to take control of how your business and its dedicated employee base are insured.