Jamison IP

Jamison IP & Specialty Services

Among the Accretive family of business insurance consulting, is Jamison IP & Specialty Services, which is a team of dedicated professionals who focus on delivering comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions tailored to your unique needs.

In our litigious world, safeguarding against malpractice is not just practical, but economically wise. That's where Jamison, your professional liability expert, steps in. With over fifty years of experience serving a wide range of firms and professions, Jamison is committed to offering secure and top-quality liability coverage. We've crafted innovative programs, backed by the industry's highest-rated carriers, to shield you and your business from ever-evolving risks. 

Our expert programs below can help you stay protected:

  • Intellectual Property Lawyers - CNA/Columbia Casualty Company
  • Legal Aid Service Providers (Lawyers) - CNA/Columbia Casualty Company
  • Judges Liability -  CNA/Columbia Casualty Company
  • Accountants Professional Liability – Multiple Markets: Travelers, Argo, Hanover
  • General Practice Lawyers – Multiple Markets: CNA/Continental Casualty Company, Allianz, Lloyd’s etc.