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Legal Aid & Public Defenders Professional Liability Insurance Program.

Partner with Seasoned Experts in Legal Aid and Public Defenders Professional Liability.

 For more than 50 years, Jamison IP & Specialty Services has worked to provide lawyers like you with one of the broadest, most reliable Lawyers Professional Liability (LPL) coverages on the market. Discover why so many of your peer’s trust Jamison.

Many liability risks stem from simple oversight, not deliberate misconduct. That's why we continually add to and enhance our risk control tools and services. From online tool kits to seminars, we help you assess and manage your potential risks and liabilities.

The Legal Aid Insurance Program offers a wide range of coverages, which have been created to address the unique needs of public defenders, legal aid societies, pro bono programs, law school clinics, public interest groups, and others who work to make sure that quality legal services are available for all people. 


Coverage Highlights: Your Safety Net in Action

  • The term "Insured" covers anyone who is or becomes a lawyer, employee, member, or volunteer of the named Insured while they are providing Professional Services to clients of the named insured, both now and in the future during the policy period.
  • The term "Professional Services" is broadly defined to include any services related to legal services. This recognizes and values the different kinds of services that policyholders offer in addition to their legal work.
  • The full amount of the professional liability limit is extended to personal injury claims in the rendering of professional services.
  • Retroactive dates (if any), which appear on a prior policy, are matched.
  • The policy wording contains the insurer's commitment to respect the preference of the policyholder in the selection of defense counsel. To date, policyholders' preference has been accommodated each time a preference has been expressed.
  • The policy covers the costs for damages and claims expenses that result from actions taken by the Insured or someone the Insured is legally responsible for. These actions must be related to the provision or failure to provide Professional Services on behalf of the Insured's clients.
  • Available Optional Endorsements: Criminal Defense Endorsement, Employment Practices Coverage Endorsement, Management Liability Errors & Omissions Endorsement, Outside Practice of Law Endorsement, Primary Pro Bono Endorsement, Injunctive Relief Defense and Punitive Damages Endorsement.

*Some coverages may not be available to all firms or in all states. See policy for specific details.



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