Specimen Forms

Hard-to-Place Lawyers Professional Liability

ALAW100 Specimen Policy Form and Standard Endorsements

LMA3100 Sanction Limitation Exclusion Clause

E00535 Amendatory Endorsement 

SLAW526 Limit of Liability

SLAW528 Absolute Equity Exclusion

SLAW534 Fee Dispute Exclusion

SLAW537 Specific Incident Exclusion

SLAW 538 Independent Contractor Endorsement

SLAW 540 Known Circumstance Exclusion

SLAW 541 Office Sharing Exclusion

SLAW 543 Individual Lawyer Prior Acts Endorsement

 SLAW 544 Specific Lawyer / Entity Exclusion

SLAW 545 Specific Area of Practice Exclusion

SLAW 555 Reliance on Another Insurance Company's Application Endorsement


Excess Lawyers Professional Liability

BSLPC000206056 Specimen Policy Form

E01227 Prior Knowledge Exclusion



California & Washington Standard Lawyers Professional Liability

LPL-POL-1 1015 Specimen Policy Form

LPL990002 Amendent of Disciplinary Proceedings Endorsement

LPL90008-01 Deletion of Disciplinary Proceedings Endorsement

LPL90016 Increase Limits of Liability Endorsement

 LPL990020 Retroactive Date Limitation Endorsement

LPL990021 Retroactive Date Limitation Endorsement - Individual

LPL990022 Retroactive Date Limitation Endorsement - Merged, Acquired Firms

LPL990026-01 Title Agency Endorsement

LPL990034-01 Debt Collection Endorsement

 LPL990035 Selection of Defense Counsel Endorsement

 LPL990048 Nuclear Energy Liability Exclusion Endorsement

LPL990063 Retroactive Date Limitation Endorsement

LPL990064 Prior Acts Endorsement - Increased Limit

LPL990065 Office Sharing Exclusion

LPL990066 Additional Named Insured Endorsement

LPL990067 Fee Dispute Exclusion

LPL990068 Specific Client Sublimit Endorsement

LPL990070 Professional Services Exclusion

LPL990076 Amended Definition of Damages

LPL990077 Amendment of Coverage - Prior Acts Limitation